In -person Bell Schedule

Schedule and Attendance



Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Breakfast begins at 8:30 am - Adult supervision is not available until 8:25 am.  For safety reasons, please do not have your child arrive too early.

School begins at 8:45 am - Students who do not eat breakfast at Lister should arrive no earlier than 8:45 am

Students who are arriving by car can be dropped off in the back parking lot which is closest to the cafeteria

All students must enter through the cafeteria in the morning, not through the front doors of the building

Buses and daycare vans will drop-off in the front of the building.  

Families are allowed to drop off their student by car next to the curb in the front parking lot by


NO PARKING ON CURB OR DOUBLE PARKING; parking is available by open parking spaces in lot or on the street

​School ends at 3:30 pm

Wednesdays - Late Start

Breakfast begins at 9:30 am - 

School begins at 10:00 am - Students who do not eat breakfast at Lister should arrive no earlier than 8:45 am


School ends at 3:30 pm


Dismissal Procedures:


  • Valet: Car pick up is located in the back of the building.  Students will be escorted and loaded into your car. For safety reasons, adults should remain in their car.  Please register with the office to receive a valet number at the start of each new school year.
  • Buses and Daycare: Buses and daycare vans will enter through the front of the building.  Adults will not be allowed to pick up students by car in the front parking lot until buses leave.
  • Walkers: Students who walk home will exit under our covered area on the playground.  Adults should meet their student under the covered area.  ​


In case of inclement weather:

 ( 1 hour late start)

School begins at 10:00 am - Students who do not eat breakfast at Lister should arrive no earlier than 9:45 am

School ends at 3:30 pm

  ( 2 hour late start)

School begins at 11:00 am - Students who do not eat breakfast at Lister should arrive no earlier than 10:45 am

School ends at 3:30 pm


School attendance in Washington State is mandatory. Lister staff value and promote regular attendance all day, every day.  We are committed to making every second of instruction count.

If your child is sick, please follow the guidelines below:
• Please call the office at 253-571-2914 and let us know the name of your child, the name of their teacher and the reason for the absence.
• Please send a note of explanation with your child upon their return.
• If we do not hear from you on the day of your child’s absence, a School Message will be sent to your phone, informing you of their absence.

If you intend to take a planned absence, please contact the school office to set an appointment to complete the necessary paperwork. This paperwork includes (1) the reason for your child’s absence, (2) the dates of the absences, (3) a parent signature. Once this paperwork is complete, Mrs. King, Lister’s Principal, will either approve or deny the request based on Tacoma Public Schools guidelines.

If the absence is approved, it is the parent’s responsibility to speak with the teacher and collect the school work that the child will miss during their absence. Please ask your child’s teacher for this work one week in advance of the absence to give them time to prepare.  It is the child’s responsibility to complete and return their assignments immediately upon their return to school.

Please refrain from making medical or dental appointments during the school day, when possible. This ensures that your child does not miss important learning during the school day. If your child must attend an appointment during the school day, the office staff will call for your child to be dismissed from class when you arrive.  Children must be signed out of school at the main office.

Tacoma Public Schools is required by the State of Washington to enforce the Becca Bill.  This bill was passed to ensure the safety of children.